Register for Ken Erickson’s Webinar on Business Anthropology

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Join Dr. Ken C. Erickson this afternoon at 2pm ET for Webinar Wednesday! Registration is required, webinar is free: Doing “Consumer” Anthropology, Warnings and Advice* Whether its burgers or Boeing, anthropological technique and theory have found significant purchase in the business world. Sometimes. The questions Anthropologists ask often…

red flag

Applying a values framework in career decisions

Red Flag by Ben Sutherland Understanding your personal and professional values can be a really useful tool for making career decisions and figuring out the suitability of a job, team, boss or workplace. You can use values as a framework for thinking about questions such as, “What kind of company culture will I thrive in?”…

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What I’ve been reading lately: the not-so-weekly digest (#2)

Photo by Isaac Sachs Presenting another installment of a most-highly-recommended collection of articles and websites that shaped my thinking throughout the past few weeks. The articles span across the topics that most excite me at the moment, including research, design, business, technology, food, and culture [change] and society. Research Why do organizations have trouble embracing…

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Anthropology: The Middle of Next Week (Volume I, 1966)

I recently came into possession of an original copy of “Anthropology: The Middle of Next Week” – a spoof “magazine” about the discipline of anthropology created by some students at the University of Minnesota in 1966. It’s full of jokes in all forms – including poetry, prose, and lists – about the lives of the…


Getting at the Heart of Consumer Understanding: Cheap, Fast and Tactical Isn’t the Answer

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Sitting in a meeting not long ago, I couldn’t help overhearing someone comment that the presentation of the rationale for a campaign they had just sat through was too “academic”.  What struck me was the distinction he made between academics and “real businessmen” like himself.  The word “academic” is, of course,…

Maintaining traditional details with growing modernity

Photo set: Shanghai, China, June 2014

I just returned from an eight-day work trip to Shanghai, China. Luckily I had some time to check out the sites in the largest city (by population) in the world (more than 24 million people as of 2013). Here are some of photos of some of the interesting things I saw. Hover for captions and…