Register for Ken Erickson’s Webinar on Business Anthropology

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Join Dr. Ken C. Erickson this afternoon at 2pm ET for Webinar Wednesday! Registration is required, webinar is free: Doing “Consumer” Anthropology, Warnings and Advice* Whether its burgers or Boeing, anthropological technique and theory have found significant purchase in the business world. Sometimes. The questions Anthropologists ask often…

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Applying a values framework in career decisions

Red Flag by Ben Sutherland Understanding your personal and professional values can be a really useful tool for making career decisions and figuring out the suitability of a job, team, boss or workplace. You can use values as a framework for thinking about questions such as, “What kind of company culture will I thrive in?”…

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Anthropology: The Middle of Next Week (Volume I, 1966)

I recently came into possession of an original copy of “Anthropology: The Middle of Next Week” – a spoof “magazine” about the discipline of anthropology created by some students at the University of Minnesota in 1966. It’s full of jokes in all forms – including poetry, prose, and lists – about the lives of the…


Getting at the Heart of Consumer Understanding: Cheap, Fast and Tactical Isn’t the Answer

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Sitting in a meeting not long ago, I couldn’t help overhearing someone comment that the presentation of the rationale for a campaign they had just sat through was too “academic”.  What struck me was the distinction he made between academics and “real businessmen” like himself.  The word “academic” is, of course,…