no a los huevos de tortugas (say no to sea turtle eggs)

From a post on my old blog… I still find this advertisement very intriguing with its use of a sexy Argentinean model-singer named Dorismar to get across a sociocultural-environmental message. I’m not sure what year the ad was published, perhaps 2008. It says:

My man doesn’t need turtle eggs. Because he knows they don’t make him more potent. Sea turtles are endangered. Their selling and consumption are serious crimes. Don’t eat sea turtle eggs.

PROFEPA (Mexico’s version of the EPA), in partnership with a number of environmental organizations, published two ads in Mexico denouncing this practice. Here, men eat sea turtle eggs because they are believed to enhance male virility. They are often barbecued and eaten in soup. Sadly, sea turtles are already highly endangered because of the popularity of both their eggs and meat, and because most of their habitat along Mexico’s beaches has been destroyed to make way for beach-front development.
Apparently the ad was criticized by feminist groups, including the National Women’s Institute of Mexico, whose members called the ads degrading.
Earth Island Institute has a more in-depth article on the consumption of sea turtle eggs in Mexico and the fight against their extinction. Definitely worth a read.

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