26 ideas from the future

Some intriguing themes here: Incorporating technology into our bodies for information, recreation, and healthcare (e.g., biosensors); a return to the tools of the past (e.g., books); technology for greater global/social/environmental good; more personalized experiences, realities, and information; a greater willingness to share more personal data for reciprocal value (e.g., lower healthcare costs, curing disease); and a deeper understanding of the world around us and our role in maintaining/destroying it.



At TED2014, we asked speakers and attendees to riff off the conference’s theme (“The Next Chapter”) and tell us what might radically change society, life, technology and so on in the next 30 years. From funny and wry to deeply insightful, the answers will surprise you.

“One of the things about learning how to read — we have been doing a lot of consuming of information through our eyes and so on — that may be a very inefficient channel. So my prediction is that we’re going to ingest information. You’re going to swallow a pill and know English. You’re going to swallow a pill and know Shakespeare. The way to do it is through the bloodstream; once it’s in your bloodstream, it basically goes through and gets into the brain and when it knows it’s in the brain it deposits the information in the right places. I’ve been hanging around…

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