“Just another dad on his cellphone”: Evernote as Field Notebook

Editor's note: What is the "right way" to take and organize research fieldnotes? In this guest post, David Keyes explores his fieldnote hang-ups and shares how he came to understand his own "right way" with Evernote. Whether you do it the old-fashioned way with a notebook and pen, or rely on new technologies, David concludes that … Continue reading “Just another dad on his cellphone”: Evernote as Field Notebook

“Hey, y’all got to understand – y’all prolly scared of us… we scared of y’all too!”

Ethnography Matters

Phoenix JacksonPhoenix Jackson is a researcher at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, a Cornelius Hopper Diversity Fellow with UCSF, and a Somatic Counseling Psychotherapy graduate student at John F. Kennedy University.
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Editor’s note: My colleague Phoenix Jackson wrote these poignant field notes after we went out to recruit focus group participants for a study on health inequities among African American youth.

While following the #dangerousblackkids tag (started by @thewayoftheid and Mikki Kendall @karnythia) over the past few days, we were struck by parallels between Twitter users’ pushback against perceptions of Black youth as “dangerous” and the lived experiences of study participants evoked in these notes. 

Like #dangerousblackkids, this post highlights what’s omitted from dominant narratives about who is afraid and who is dangerous. Perhaps Michael Dunn was afraid of a group of teenagers in…

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