In the interest of facilitating dialogue and learning, I welcome contributions of new material to Anthropologizing on any of the following themes:

  • Applied anthropology
  • Business / design anthropology
  • Design research / user experience research
  • Research methods, including qualitative methods and ethnography
  • Careers and jobs
  • Student perspectives
  • Consumer culture
  • American culture and society

You do not have to be an anthropologist to contribute as long as your post is related to the above themes and is relevant to the readers of Anthropologizing.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

  • Posts may be in any format, including written, visual, and audio.
  • Posts may take any approach, including opinion, interview, narrative, prose, book review, etc.
  • I will work with authors from an editorial standpoint and provide feedback on content, style, and writing mechanics, before publishing final drafts.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length as long as you make your point well.
  • Posts should be free of too much academic or industry jargon (and should include definitions if necessary).
  • Keep in mind that the target audience is broad and includes anthropologists, non-anthropologists, students, academics, businesspeople, designers, and others.
  • After your post is published, please take time to occasionally monitor it for comments and respond to them.

In addition to your post, I ask that you include a short bio about yourself with information on your current job and/or research interests, a photograph, and links to any online profiles, social media or websites you would like to share.

If you are interested, please contact me at amylaurensantee at gmail with your proposed topic/ideas (even better if you have a draft!) and a brief summary about why you think your post will be relevant to readers of Anthropologizing.

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