Practicing Anthropology in User Experience, Design and Business Webinar (This week!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.54.46 AM
This Wednesday, 1/6/16, I am giving a presentation for the American Anthropological Association Webinar Wednesdays Series about doing anthropology in user experience, design and business. The content will be pretty introductory, with the primary audience being students, professors, those interested in transitioning from academia to practice, and anyone interested in the application of social sciences in product and service design, technology, and business settings.
Please pass along the info to anyone you think might be interested. It’s free to register and you don’t need to be a AAA member.

User experience, design and business are perfect fields for anthropological practice, but what does it look like to work in them, and how do you get there in the first place? Amy will share her journey as a practicing anthropologist, touching on her transition from academia, work experience, use of anthropology skills, project examples, career reflections, and advice for those who are interested in this particular line of work.

Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST/2:00 – 3:00 pm EST


Registration: here


    1. As far as I know it was recorded. I’ll keep checking as to when they’re going to post it and share the link here when it’s available. Thanks for your interest!

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