Ask Like a Pro – UX Research Training Series

Are you an aspiring user experience researcher looking to develop your skills in designing and conducting research studies?

Michele Ronsen of Curiosity Tank has opened up spots for the next cohort of students for her Ask Like a Pro workshop series, which will begin on February 8th.

This series of five deep-dive courses provides step-by-step guidance on how to conduct quality research that will help you understand the people who use a product through sound study design. You will learn about study planning, study logistics, stakeholder engagement, selecting qualitative and quantitative methodologies, recruiting, asking questions, creating discussion guides, survey design and logic, interviewing techniques, systematic data collection, analysis, synthesis, reporting and ethics.

Michele’s Ask Like a Pro series is great way to become competent in the fundamentals of UX research through hands-on practice, interactions with classmates in a small group setting, in-class practice, feedback from Michele, and access to resources and templates for use in your own projects.

The series includes 33 hours of direct training, homework and classwork, 18 hours of mentoring from Michele, and 33 research templates.

Visit Curiosity Tank for more info!

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