One Person’s Journey in Practicing Anthropology: A Slideshow Presentation

These are the slides I used in a February 2014 talk for Dr. Jeremy Spoon’s undergraduate Applied Anthropology class at Portland State University. Talking points included my educational history, career path, experience in UX research, and the evolution of my perspective on practicing anthropology, particularly in business settings. I hope to soon post some more detailed notes around these slides and some reflections on putting this talk together.


    1. Haha. Do you mean the video game or my actual journey from the Midwest to Portland along the actual Oregon Trail route ( When I gave the talk to the undergrads, I was not surprised that many of them were familiar with Amazon Trail (the video game I played when I was 14 where I first learned about anthropology), not to mention Oregon Trail. Many kids of the 90s in that class.

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