Research and Design Deliverable: Story Maps

As a research and design deliverable, story maps are a useful tool for getting everyone on a project team on the same page, and having a common reference point for making design and development decisions for a product, service or idea.

storymapImage via Explore Everyday

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Rise from pixel-pusher to a product visionary with a new type of design document called a “story map.”

What is a story map?

A story map is a new type of design document that shows the big idea of your product experience at a glance.

A good story map is your golden ticket to unify your team, secure executive support, and help you find a way to ship.

Halfway between a storyboard and a treasure map, it bundles the value and functional flow of your product with the delight people might feel at each step in your product. It sketches the UX flow without locking it down, and it delivers the gist of an idea and the emotional gestalt without prematurely belaboring the details.

A good story map conveys what
your project can do at a glance.

A story map depicts how your product works and why it matters—

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