What I’ve been reading lately: the not-so-weekly digest (#5)

Presenting another installment of a collection of most-highly-recommended articles and websites that shaped my thinking throughout the past few weeks on the following topics: design, research, business, organizational culture, technology, careers, and culture [change] and society.


A panel of UX professionals dish on UX certifications | Elaine Matthias, UX Magazine

An interview with Zeesha Currimbhoy of the Augmented Intelligence team at Evernote | Kristina Hjelsand, Evernote

Design and the Corporation: First Wild, Now Tame? | Grant McCracken, Cultureby

Design and the Corporation: A Reply from Darrel Rhea | Darrel Rhea, Cultureby

Unexamined privilege is the real source of cruelty in Facebook’s “Your Year in Review” | L. Jeffrey Zeldman


10 tips for better survey design | Caroline Jarrett, Rosenfeld Media

Gaining better insights through dyads and triads | James Breeze, UX Magazine

No more no-shows: how to make sure your research participants actually show up | Michael Margolis, Google Ventures

Stop accosting people in coffee shops | Laura Klein, Medium

Building Rapport With Users is Building Rapport With People | Steve Portigal, Portigal Consulting

Soft Skills for UX Researchers | Jane Justice Liebrock, Medium


Benchmarking LinkedIn’s S-1: How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up | Tomasz Tunguz

Beyond MVP: 10 tips for creating your Minimum Loveable Product | Lawrence McCahill, Medium

Organizational Culture

The End of Bitchy: Addressing Stereotypes of Women at Work | Judith Humphrey, Fast Company

“Do Some Good” and Other Lessons from Practice for a New AAA Code of Ethics | Elizabeth K. Briody and Tracey Meerwarth Pester, American Anthropological Association

Organizational Culture 101: A Practical How-To for Interaction Designers | Sam Ladner, Medium

The Ritual of Lean | Julia Haines, EPIC

How much does corporate culture matter? | Liz Ryan, LinkedIn


The Sixth Stage of Grief is Retro-Computing | Paul Ford, Medium

Tech Trends 2015 | Frog

The Future of Medicine is in Your Smartphone | Eric Topol, The Wall Street Journal


If You Don’t Design Your Career, Someone Else Will | Greg McKeown

Where are UX careers headed? | Matthew T. Grant, Aquent

6 questions you should ask about the company’s culture before you accept a job | Meghan Rabbitt, Fast Company

Culture [Change] & Society

The Sociology of Unfollowing on Twitter | Zuleyka Zevallos, The Other Sociologist

Unmournable Bodies | Teju Cole, The New Yorker

Other Posts of Interest that Don’t Quite Fit into the Above Categories but Which I Can’t Not Share

A Skymall Exit Interview | Kira Garcia, The New Yorker


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