Practicing Anthropology in User Experience, Design and Business (AAA Webinar Recording)

Last week I did a presentation for the American Anthropological Association about applying anthropology in user experience, design and business. There are ample career opportunities for anthropologists in this field, but I’ve realized over the past couple years how obscure it is among academics and students within the discipline. My goal was to illustrate what this might look like based on my own career path and experiences.

During the presentation, I talk about how I got into this line of work, how I think about applying anthropology to design in terms of perspective, approach, skills, tools, and project examples, and how I’m able to do meaningful work that aligns with my values. I provide an explanation of user experience and user-centered design and share what’s been most useful for transitioning from anthropology into this field from a professional development perspective. At the end, there is a 30-minute Q&A session.

Below are my slides and a link to the recording on YouTube.



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