Great internet stuff: the not-so-weekly digest (#9)

Presenting another collection of most-highly-recommended articles, websites and ideas that shaped my thinking throughout the past few weeks. This week’s topics include design and user experience, research, business, organizational culture, technology, culture [change] and society and anthropology.

Design and User Experience

Alexandrian Design | Alan Cooper

Facebook is wrong, text is deathless |

Six things user experience designers forget when they criticize websites | Usability Counts

The Reason Twitter’s Losing Active Users | Harvard Business Review


Don’t share that Daily Mail link about archaeology. Just…don’t. | Powered by Osteons

Tinder has an in-house sociologist and her job is to figure out what you want | Los Angeles Magazine


The first rule of pricing is: you do not talk about pricing | Tom Whitwell

You are in the software business. Whether you like it or not. | Perception is the Experience

Japan’s Ultra-Polite Taxi Drivers Are Worried Uber Will Undermine Traditions | Motherboard

Inside Uber’s Auto-Lease Machine, Where Almost Anyone Can Get a Car | Bloomberg

Organizational Culture

How the Most Successful People Poop at Work | Fast Company

Conference rage: How did something as truly awful as panel discussions become the default format? | Duncan Green, London School of Economics and Political Science


An engineering anthropologist: Why tech companies need to hire software developers with ethnographic skills | Ethnography Matters

The Moral Economy of Tech | Idle Words

Stop using Google Trends: Alternatively titled ‘Be aware of context, and maybe start using Google AdWords instead’ | Danny Page

Machine Bias: There’s software being used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks. | Pro Publica

In a world of self-driving cars, we’ll still need the Miata | Wired

Culture [Change] and Society

Knowing a Country: A Post-Brexit Polemic  | EPIC

Anthropology, Brexit and Xenophobia in Europe | Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

If your argument is based on economics, you’ve already lost | Harvard Business Review

McDonald’s: You can sneer, but it’s the glue that holds communities together | The Guardian

I was never raped | Kim Saumell

The Families that Can’t Afford Summer | The New York Times

Uber and Airbnb really are for the wealthy and well-educated | Alison Griswold


Decolonizing Anthropology Textbook Covers | Savage Minds

Anthropology Blogs 2016 | Anthropology Report

Photo (“Open Range”) by Isaac Sachs


  1. These are awesome. As an anthropologist working in tech within a research center studying organizational culture and effectiveness, a lot of these are right up my alley!

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