Business and design anthropology sessions at the March 2019 Society for Applied Anthropology conference


The preliminary program for the March 2019 Society for Applied Anthropology meetings is now available online. Here’s a list of the sessions that will discuss topics in business and design anthropology, including a few I’ll be participating in or organizing. Let me know if you plan to be there and we can meet up!

Tuesday March 19th

1:30-3:20 pm
Negotiating the Boundaries of Anthropological Expertise in Portland’s Tech Sector
Chair: Mrinalini Tankha (Portland State U)
Roundtable participants: Todd Harple (Intel), Ken Anderson (Intel), Amy Santee (Design Research Consultant), Tony Salvador (Intel), Jacquelin Suzuki (Mado), Mrinalini Tankha (Portland State U)Wednesday March 20th

10:00-11:50 am
When the Models Break Down, What’s a Business Anthropologist to Do?
Chair: Ken Erickson (U South Carolina)
Presenters: Ken Erickson (U South Carolina): Desktop Printers and the Lan House in Brazil: Seeking New Questions in Settings of Political and Economic Precarity; Jo Yung and Jason Eng (Independent): Perception and Expectation: How Video Technology Changes Video Ethnography in Corporate Research in Asia; Dawn Rivers (UNCCH): Self-Employment across Cultures: Escape from Neoliberal Labor Markets; Michael Powell (Grit Grocery): Insight Or Noise?: Ethnography In & Of a Startup Grocery Store; Maryann McCabe (Cultural Connections LLC): Materiality and Embodiment: Doing the Laundry and Dressing the Body

3:30-5:20 pm
The Application of Design Anthropology to Website Design: A Case Study on the Redesign of the NAPA Website with Implications for All Anthropology Associations
Chair: Gigi Taylor and Beth Holland (U North Texas)
Discussant: Terry Redding (NAPA)
Presenters: Gigi Taylor and Beth Holland (U North Texas): The Socialization of Practicing Anthropologists: The Role Played by NAPA and Other Professional Organizations; Morgan Kainu (U North Texas): User Experience of Anthropology Faculty Members: The Functionality of NAPA’s Website; Michele Snider (U North Texas): The User Experience of Anthropology Students: Challenges and Recommendations for the NAPA Website; Skye O’Neill (U North Texas): The General User’s Perspective of NAPA’s Website: Expectations and Experiences

Wednesday March 21st

10:00-11:50 am
Codifying Corporate Culture
Chair: Angela Ramer (HKS Architects)
Roundtable Participants: Kevin Newton (LinkedIn), Logan McLaughlin (McLaughlin Ethnography), Shane Pahl (ABCO Refrigeration Supply Corp), Angela Ramer (HKS Architects), Amy Santee (Design Research Consultant)Friday March 23rd

8:00 – 9:50 am
Engaging with a Culture of Practice: Our Beginnings in the Tech Sector
Chair: Kathi Kitner (Google)
Roundtable participants: Anne P. McClard (Independent), Jay Hasbrouck (Filament Insight & Innovation), Ken Anderson (Intel), Dawn Nafus (Intel), Hsain Ilahiane (MS State U)

12:00 – 1:20 pm
The Struggle Is Real: Making the Business Case for Anthropology and Ethnography in Corporate Contexts
Chair: Amy Santee (Design Research Consultant)
Roundtable Participants: Dawn Nafus (Intel), Giles Harrison-Conwill (Google), Gigi Taylor (Luminosity Research), Ian Lowrie (Portland State U), Jamie Sherman (Intel)

3:30 – 5:20 pm
Business Anthropologists: From Researchers to Corporate Strategists
Chair: Mrinalini Tankha (Portland State U)
Roundtable Participants: Ken Anderson (Intel), Carolyn Hou (Independent), Josef Wieland (Gemic), Danyel Rios (Google), Renee Chin (Intel), Mrinalini Tankha (Portland State U)

Saturday March 24th

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Geekout Vol. 4: User Experience (UX) Research Methods Jamboree (Workshop, Fee $50)
Organizer: Marc Hebert (San Francisco Human Serv Agency)

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