Doing applied social science in non-academic settings – June 13th webinar


Are you a social scientist, academic or student interested in working in non-academic settings? Are you curious about what kind of applied work social scientists do? Have a digital coffee with us!

In this online session, my colleague Beth Duckles, PhD and I will talk about how social scientists and students can get jobs and use their skills in applied, non-academic settings.

We will share the story of our unique career paths, and discuss how our academic training prepared us for applied research and consulting. We’ll also touch on marketing one’s skills, challenges faced when transitioning from academia to practice, and tools and techniques for success. We will focus on questions and topics that we often discuss with people who get in touch with us for career advice.

From user experience research for product design to organizational ethnography and coaching, the two of us have worked in a variety of settings, including business, nonprofit, and government organizations. We also provide career and research coaching services to students, academics, and professionals.

The webinar will take place on Thursday June 13th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm PST. The cost of attendance is $15, which includes a recording of the session and a curated list of resources related to the discussion topics. If you purchase a spot and are unable to attend, we will share the materials with you via email.

Click here to reserve your spot!

Amy Santee, M.A., is an independent consultant specializing in user experience and design research for product development and strategy. Trained as an anthropologist, she incorporates a social science approach into the user-centered design process, with a focus on qualitative methods. In addition to consulting, Amy has worked on corporate and start-up product teams and with product design agencies, primarily on digital products. She blogs at Anthropologizing about user experience, organizational culture, career strategy, and practicing anthropology at the intersection of business, technology and design.

Beth M. Duckles, Ph.D., is a research consultant and ethnographer who has used her sociological skills to support startups, nonprofits and Fortune 100 companies. Projects have ranged from UX research and design thinking to stakeholder engagement. Her favorite kind of project is working with scientists and technologists on research and how to ask better questions of the people that matter to their organization. She also is the founder of The Athenas, an online peer support community for women and gender nonconforming folk with Ph.D.’s who are leaving academia.  

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