COVID-19 memes are still funny

Previously, I wrote about memes in the time of COVID-19 as a means to express ourselves and connect with others, and how they are a coping mechanism for dealing with the global pandemic. A pandemic that has been vastly destructive to society, economy and our everyday lives. But as the death toll grows, as unemployment skyrockets, as the government fumbles, as capitalism fails the majority of us, and as we all become further steeped in this collective trauma, COVID memes are still funny.

They’re serving a really important purpose. They’re getting us through this collective trauma. It’s a shitty, dark situation, and dark humor and satire help. Shitposting about politicians helps. Mocking idiots helps. Complaining about being stuck at home helps. Trashing self-absorbed thoughtless people helps. Spotlighting the absurdity all around us helps. 

My favorite ones are the blatantly pro-labor anti-capitalist socialist memes. They’re getting better by the day.

These little things help when there is little we can control other than following social distancing/distant socializing recommendations, and supporting others, especially our friends, family and strangers who are most severely effected and who are working on the front lines.











As of this post, mine is Hot Wings Pirate.




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