New certificate in business anthropology & human behavior from Clemson U

The Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice at Clemson University has a new certificate program in business anthropology and human behavior. There is a for-credit option and a not-for-credit option (which can be done fully online!), making it appealing to both students and professionals.

From their website:

Successful businesses don’t just rely on big data—they seek out human insights in areas such as consumer behavior, user experience and organizational culture. This three course Business Anthropology & Human Behavior Certificate Program expands the opportunities available to both industry professionals and students by offering cross-disciplinary training in business and social science research methods.

The program combines cross-cultural anthropological knowledge and qualitative methods with foundational business concepts to produce globally informed business leaders and cultural researchers.

This program is especially valuable in that it is taught by live instructors with PhDs in their fields at a top research university. This program uses project-based learning to give participants valuable experiences that are easily transferable to real world positions. Tech companies like Intel, Microsoft, Xerox and Google already hire social scientists, and many other industries are realizing the value of this expertise to give them a competitive advantage.

The skills you will learn in this program are relevant for many different career paths. For example, market researchers, designers, and even human resources professionals would benefit from an opportunity to gain a global perspective and an understanding of how social science research techniques can greatly enhance strategic decision-making. Additionally, consumer insights and user experience researchers can benefit from greater knowledge of business concepts and how to operationalize their skills for today’s global job market. This program brings together the best of both domains (business and anthropology) in a manner that facilitates success in the real world of global business.

Program Options

Not-for-credit certificate

The not-for-credit certificate  is designed for industry professionals but also open to students. The non-credit option only requires payment of course fees and can be taken fully online. Participants must pass two required courses in addition to a professional development seminar. This interdisciplinary program provides students and professionals training in fields such as anthropology, marketing, psychology, and leadership without pursuing a full degree.

Required courses:

  • Business Anthropology
  • Qualitative Methods for the Social Sciences
  • Capstone Seminar

For-credit certificate

The for-credit program is offered in person and is open to all students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge. Completion of the program requires completion of two required courses combined with one additional selected elective for a total of three courses. All participants must pass all three courses to receive the certificate.

Required courses:

  • Business Anthropology
  • Qualitative Methods for the Social Sciences

Plus one elective

  • Applied Managerial Skills (Being A Leader)
  • Consumer Behavior/ Buyer Behavior
  • International Marketing
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology & Culture/Cross-Cultural Issues in I/O Psychology


Check out the website for more info.

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